Wednesday, December 26, 2018

20 Year Vintage: Ravers and Bangers of 1998

Top Albums of 1998

1. Boards of Canada- Music Has the Right to Children
2. Herbert- Around the House
3. Hum- Downward is Heavenward
4. Outkast- Aquemini
5. Air- Moon Safari
6. Cat Power- Moon Pix
7. Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
8. Gas- Konigsforst
9. Massive Attack- Mezzanine
10. Urban Tribe- The Collapse of Modern Culture
11. Boredoms- Super AE
12. Neutral Milk Hotel- In An Aeroplane Over the Sea
13. Destiny's Child- Destiny's Child
14. Total- Kima, Keisha, and Pam
15. Fatboy Slim- You've Come a Long Way, Baby
16. Dalek- Negro Necro Nekros 
17. Jay-Z- Vol 2…Hard Knock Life
18. The Beta Band- The Three Eps
19. Radiohead- Airbag/How's My Driving
20. Pole- CD 1
21. Wagon Christ- Tally Ho!
22. Gabrage- Version 2.0
23. Miss Kittin and the Hacker- Champagne EP
24. Various- Sushi 4004: The Return of Japanese Clubpop
25. Belle and Sebastian- The Boy With the Arab Strap

Top Tracks of 1998

1. Neutral Milk Hotel- "In an Aeroplane Over the Sea"
2. Boards of Canada- "Telephasic Workshop"
3. Destiny's Child- "Get on the Bus"
4. Lisa Germano- "Reptile"
5. Air- "Kelly Watch the Stars (Moog Cookbook mix)"
6. Herbert - "So Now"
7. Lauryn Hill- "Doo Wop (That Thing)"
8. Noreaga- "Superthug"
9. Massive Attack- "Angel"
10. Adult.- "Dispassionate Furniture"
11. PJ Harvey- "Sweeter Than Anything"
12. Aaliyah - "Are you That Somebody"
13. Mu-Ziq- "Brace Yourself (Remix)"
14. Beck- "Nobody's Fault But My Own"
15. Thievery Corporation- "So Com Voce"
16. Cat Power- "Color and the Kids"
17. Miss Kittin and the Hacker- "Frank Sinatra"
18. The Pastels- "One Wild Moment (Stereolab mix)"
19. Total- "Trippin"
20. Brandy and Monica- "The Girl is Mine (The Architechs mix)"
21. The Beta Band- "She's the One"
22. Susumu Yokota- "Amanogawa"
23. Garbage- "Special"
24. Fatboy Slim- "The Rockafella Skank"
25. Quasi- "California"
26. Fennesz- "Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)"
27. Busta Rhymes- "Gimme Some More"
28. Grace Jones and the Radio Science Orchestra- "Storm"
29. The Stone Roses- "Fool's Gold (Grooverider mix)"
30. Monifah- "Touch It"
31. Handsome Boy Modeling School- "Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II)"
32. Chicks on Speed- "Eurotrash Girl"
33. Stephen Emmanuel presents Colours- "Hold On (Se22 mix)"
34. Beastie Boys- "Intergalactic"
35. Belle and Sebastian- "Sleep the Clock Around"
36. Klimperei & Pierre Bastien- "Morceau En Forme Des Pinces"
37. Plone - "Plock"
38. Madonna- "Frozen"
39. Elliott Smith- "Waltz # 1"
40. Timbaland ft Jay-Z- "Lobster & Scrimp"
41. Rage Against The Machine- "No Shelter"
42. Meat Beat Manifesto- "Oblivion/Humans"
43. Gus Gus- "Purple (Sasha vs The Light mix)"
44. Ice- "Trapped in Three Dimensions"
45. Solvent- "My Blue Car"
46. Little Computer People- "Little Computer People"
47. Whitney Houston- "It's Not Right, But It's Okay"
48. Armand Van Helden- "You Don't Know Me"
49. Kenickie- "Stay in the Sun (Fridge mix)"
50. Super_Collider- "Darn (Cold Way O'Love)"

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