Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Family Feudal

america, serf city usa
just the course of these coarse waves
the crest is crazy
all days appraised away in the haze of western weighs
sit stunned, amazed, while undone assumptions trigger guns
and set the pestilent bollocks ablaze
AKs and gamma rays, restless rain and radon brain
a home daubed in ashen gray from the nuclear blast-first speculate
traipse the insecurity gate
mount the fence with intent to penetrate
swimming pools and charter schools alleviate
a need to conceive and to concede, retreat, abbreviate
hack the rapture, expose the actors
landlocked by landlords dislodging bladders on a platter
oh no, serve the servitude and deconstruct the instructions
words are only gerber food for the image death factory fluxus

inhale the mold, fingers cold,
index injuries polled with the safe-swift sale of gold
bitches bury riches 6 feet deep in the backyard
for the zombie apocalypse and defend it with a hacksawed body part
guns god and glory grown old with worry
exist to subsist and so elicit the fist of the nanny's fury
christen the cyst of the endless oedipal jury
insist on getting pissed off kissinger's roadside slurry
full moon dystemper kids gawk at viral my lai render
the currency's insurance is the occurance of flushed flesh as tender
bloodlust is old dust to tots on a cold bus
fuckers too cruel for school pushing the monitor into a choking crux
laissez-faire, so who fucking cares
the engine is the ascescion of the narcissistic glare

save the haterade for a later date
we've got work to do or exacerbate or exaggerate or in-fucking-flate
savor the labor rather than the flavor of an empty plate
march in snorted lines, the folky lie
reunionize the lefty pipe dream?  don't be obscene
either flash mob the guillotine or distend the bloat til it floats down the ravine
if the true death were any cooler, you'd have to stick it in the cooler,
you can't measure the world by rulers
you wind up tethered to the pleasure of your schoolers,
your jailers, your makers, your trailer's a fake
but you stake out your angles so well, they're convinced that you dwell in that steadicam realism,
instagram idealism, misdemeanor forcefeelism, the virtual steel prism,
holographic foundation for the polymathic rotational program- an operational trojan,
a society built on a slogan,
which asks for money but only takes tokens,
symbolic self-sacrifice with real wounds wound real tight
and outsourced to prove it's properly dystopian