Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Joy to the World! More activity over yonder

Speaking of early 1970s post-hippie rock, there's a new post at Documentary Mixtape on Three Dog Night's smash hit "Joy to the World"

RIP Dan Peek

Can't say I'm an enormous America fan, as I am under 50, but I do quite enjoy the following two song, as well as "Children" (which I can't find anywhere). Also, to name your band America is pretty bold. To put Native Americans on the cover of your debut album is even bolder. As far as Christian rock is concerned, "Lonely People" ain't half bad either.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Post-Industrial Devolution

My latest column is a reading on early Industrial music and how its shifts reflected actual shifts in the industrial labor force in late capitalism.

It focuses on the genre's troubling fascination with fascism and rock's avoidance of it, also tracking the ways in which industrial and techno overlapped (with only the latter surviving in the popular imagination).

FYI, I did not choose that image at the top of the page of Kraftwerk, who don't really figure into this story at all.

There will be a part 2 coming soon with information on where industrial sound continued in IDM, Glitch, Downwards Records, Gabber, and other modern musics.

Glory Be to the Resurrection!

A look at Virgo Four's fantastic new reissue Resurrection, which rivals their self-titled debut.

Building Upwards

A review of Moritz Von Oswald Trio's Horizontal Structures

For the historical record, here's my review of their first album.