Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Eardemption 2017

I feel like every year I say that my game is down, but I probably listened to significantly less now-moment music in 2017 than others.  To boot, it felt like now music didn't have as much to offer to right now as in previous iterations of "now".

Nevertheless, here are 30-ish songs I really liked this year, in relative order.   

Sophie - "Ponyboy"
Sophie - "It's Okay to Cry"
Lanark Artefax - "Touch Absence"
Selena Gomez - "Bad Liar"
St Vincent  - "Los Ageless"
Missy Elliot ft Lamb - "I'm Better"
Ida Dillan - "DM Me"
Vince Staples - "Yeah Right"
Charli XCX - "Boys"
Migos - "Bad and Boujee"
Fever Ray - "To the Moon and Back"
Slowdive  - "Sugar for the Pill"
Bjork - "The Gate"
SZA - "Drew Barrymore"
LCD Soundsystem - "How Do You Sleep?"
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - "A Song of Summer"
Fawkes - "Nemesis"
HCMJ  - "Ran Through Glass"
Yatta - "Desert Song"
Brian Eno/Kevin Shields - "Only Once Away My Son"
Tyler the Creator ft Frank Ocean, Steve Lacey - "911/Mr. Lonely"
Kingdom - "Tears in the Club"
Drake - "Passionfruit"
Perfume Genius - "Die 4 You"
Sega Bodega ft Shygirl - "CC"
Yves De Mey - "Summer"
TRONICBOX - "Whaaat85 (AG Cook mix)"
Syd - "All About Me"
Mumdance & Logos - "Café Del Mar"
Zuli - "What you Do"
Shabazz Palaces - "Shine a Light"

Here are 25 albums in approximate order that I thought rose above in 2017

St Vincent -Masseduction
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith -The Kid
Vince Staples -Big Fish Theory
Slowdive -Slowdive
Gazelle Twin -Kingdom Come
LCD Soundsystem -American Dream
$3.33 -Draft
Syd -Fin
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma -On the Echoing Green
Tyler the Creator -Flower Boy
Oto Hiax -Oto Hiax
Emra Grid -Shay's Vacation House
Migos -Culture
Kailin -Fracture
Algiers -The Underside of Power
Kingdom -Tears in the Club
Kepla & DeForrest Brown Jr -Absent Personae
Kendrick Lamar -Damn.
Cube -Crisis Actor
Blanck Mass -World Eater
Jlin -Black Origami
Gnod -Just Say No to the Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine
Maxwell Sterling -Hollywood Medieval
Drake  -More Life

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