Sunday, December 29, 2019

These Memories Can't Wait: 40 Year Vintage- The Best of 1979

Top 40 Albums of 1979

1. Public Image Ltd- Metal Box
2. Wire- 154
3. Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
4. Michael Jackson- Off  the Wall
5. Gary Numan- The Pleasure Principle
6. The Slits- Cut
7. The Boys Next Door- Hee Haw
8. Sylvester- Stars
9. Japan- Quiet Life
10. Flying Lizards- Flying Lizards
11. Gang of Four- Entertainment!
12. Devo- Duty Now for the Future
13. Cabaret Voltaire- Mix Up
14. Sun Ra- Sleeping Beauty
15. Talking Heads- Fear of Music
16. Pink Floyd - The Wall
17. Roedelius- Jardin Au Fou
18. Throbbing Gristle- 20 Jazz Funk Greats
19. The Pop Group- Y
20. Leonard Cohen- Recent Songs
21. The Clash- London Calling
22. The B-52's- The B-52's
23. SPK- Factory EP
24. David Bowie- Lodger
25. Eduard Artemiev- Solaris OST
26. Univers Zero- Heresie
27. Poison Girls- Hex
28. The Cars- Candy-O
29. P-Model- In a Modern Room
30. This Heat- This Heat
31. The Fall- Dragnet
32. Led Zeppelin- In Through the Out Door
33. Thomas Leer and Robert Rental- The Bridge
34. A Certain Ratio- The Graveyard and the Ballroom
35. Prince-Prince
36. Dickies- Dawn of the Dickies
37. JJ Burnel - Euroman Cometh
38. The Cure- Three Imaginary Boys
39. Neil Young- Rust Never Sleeps
40. The Residents- Eskimo

Top 40 Tracks of 1979

1. Joy Division- "Transmission"
2. The Slits- "Shoplifting"
3. Suicide- "Dream Baby Dream"
4. Michael Jackson- "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough"
5. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark- "Electricity"
6. Flying Lizards- "Her Story"
7. Delta 5- "Mind Your Own Business"
8. Tubeway Army- "Are Friends Electric"
9. Sylvester- "I Need Somebody to Love Tonight"
10. Lady B- "To the Beat Y'All"
11. Talking Heads- "Memories Can't Wait"
12. The Younger Generation- "We Rap More Mellow"
13. Dead Kennedys- "California Uber Alles"
14. Wire- "Map Ref 41N 93W"
15. The Boys Next Door- "Faint Heart"
16. Rose Royce- "Is It Love That You're After"
17. XTC- "Making Plans for Nigel"
18. The Pretenders- "Brass in Pocket"
19. P-Model- "Kameari Pop"
20. Sugarhill Gang- "Rapper's Delight"
21. The Human League- "The Dignity of Labour"
22. Edwin Birdsong- "Cola Bottle Baby"
23. 20/20- "Yellow Pills"
24. Yellow Magic Orchestra- "Behind the Mask"
25. Donna Summer- "Bad Girls"
26. James White and the Blacks- "Contort Yourself"
27. Blondie - "Dreaming"
28. Glaxo Babies- "This is Your Life"
29. The Cure- "Boys Don't Cry"
30. George Duke- "I Love You More"
31. Willie Williams- "Armagideon Time"
32. The Buggles- "Video Killed the Radio Star"
33. Cerrone- "Rocket in the Pocket"
34. Supertramp- "Goodbye Stranger"
35. Prince- "Why You Want to Treat Me So Bad"
36. A Certain Ratio- "Do the Du"
37. BeeGees- "Love You Inside Out"
38. Donnie and Joe Emerson- "Baby"
39. David Bowie- "Boys Keep Swinging"
40. Shalamar- "The Second Time Around"

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