Sunday, December 20, 2015

Extended Play 2015

Short-Players of the Year

1. Lotic- Heterocetera (Tri Angle)
2. Rizzla- Iron Cages (Fade to Mind)
3. FKA Twigs- M3LL155X (Young Turks)
4. Angel Ho- Ascension (Halycon Veil)
5. Wave Racer- Flash Drive (Future Classic)
6. Kamixlo- Demonico (Codes)
7. DJ Paypal- Sold Out (Brainfeeder)
8. Cakes Da Killa- #IMF (Mishka)
9. Deadboy- White Magick (Local Action)
10. 813- Body Race EP (Hyperboloid)
11. WWWings- Blessed (TAR)
12. Rabit- Baptizm (Tri Angle)
13. SPF666- Scorpion Cache (Club Chemtrail)
14. Cassini- Fermi (Tessier-Ashpool)
15. Boxcutter- Vatic Dreams (Kinnego)
16. Phekz- Off (Mordant Music)
17. DJ Orange Julius- Some Pulp (TAR)
18. Saga- Treachery (Bandcamp)
19. Why Be- SnipeStreet (Halycon Veil)
20. Angels Dust- Slow Tapes (Hit + Run)

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