Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Zero Year Vintage: Top Albums of 2014

1 FKA Twigs FKA Twigs
2 Mr. Mitch Parallel Memories
3 Gazelle Twin Unflesh
4 Various Next Life (Teklike tribute LP)
5 Starfoxxx Baby I'm off Drugs and I'm Ready 
to Marry You
6 Egyptrixx A/B Til Infinity
7 SD Laika That's Harikiri
8 Traxman Da Mind of Traxman 2
9 Burial Hex The Hierophant
10 Ekoplekz Unfidelity
11 Various Cambiare (Opal Tapes sampler)
12 Rome Fortune Small World/Beautiful Pimp II
13 The Bug Angels and Demons
14 Arca Xen
15 Run the Jewels RTJ2
16 Liars Mess
17 Retic Subculture Logic
18 Fatima Al Qadiri Asiatisch
19 Death Grips Niggas on the Moon
20 Aphex Twin Syro

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