Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's a Rainy Life, Sunshine World

It's been raining miserable buckets around here lately, just endless relentless wetness. Meanwhile, my basement flooded for completely unrelated reasons and the repair folks tore the life out of it, leaving big gaping holes in the walls, no carpets, stripped walls, ceiling tiles fallen, loose nails, tossed sink with exposed pipes, and bare insulation. Garage is now storage for the uprooted records, basement studio, media center, toys, et al. instead of being a shelter from the chronic rain.  This house that so easily felt like home when we moved in just over a year ago is now half a house, the bottom floor a shell.  On top of that, there have been assholes to deal with, things sporadically breaking, mounting medical deductible bills, and a torrent as sizable as the rain of impenetrable work that I can't seem to surmount.  So at night, I've been busy making mixes of what Jesse Eisenberg in Adventureland affectionately referred to as "bummer songs".  Not all are bummers per se, but most are somewhat downcast, at least gauzy, some recalling other bummer periods like the ones on those cassette mixes now displaced into the garage, others relatively new.  Thought I'd share since I don't have much else to say these days.  On top of it all, I haven't even had a chance to purchase the new Boards of Canada album. (Warning: lots of Joy Division)