Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Decade of Tubes

So here are what I'd consider the best TV shows of the decade. As I stated with the songs list, decades lists are hard to parse. For this list, I decided to limit to shows that started between 2010 and 2019. This unfortunately eliminates many shows that continued on from the previous decade, include ones (like Parks and Rec, Community, Breaking Bad, et al.) that started at the tale end of the 00s but had major impact into the 10s (and would have been top 10 contenders). It'd be a cliche to go into all the ways TV has fundamentally changed and blah blah blah, but let's just say I'm considering Twin Peaks The Return a new show and not a 3rd season and I'm considering Children's Hospital for its adult swim run and not its pre-TV web shorts, even if I would not have for, say, High Maintenance.

This is also a fundamentally unfair exercise because it celebrates shows that have just launched before they inevitably get old and stale, while shows that launched a while back may have their full runs work against them for an off season, or failing to stick a landing. Similarly shows that get prematurely cancelled have the advantage of being frozen in amber, always remaining pitch perfect (see 3,4). No list is ever definitive, so the best advice in assembling them is always to just not worry about it, have fun, regret it in the morning, and move on.

1. Twin Peaks: The Return
2. Atlanta
3. Lodge 49
4. Enlightened
5. Hannibal
6. American Crime Story
7. Mr Robot
8. Russian Doll
9. High Maintenance
10. Watchmen
11. Veep
12. Superstore
13. Random Acts of Flyness
14. Fargo
15. The Good Place
16. The Eric Andre Show
17. Game of Thrones
18. The Americans
19. What We Do in the Shadows
20. Children's Hospital
21. Rick and Morty
22. Euphoria
23. Big Mouth
24. Adam Ruins Everything
25. Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated

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