Monday, July 13, 2009

Disco All But Demolished

Over at PopMatters, I've got a brief entry on one of the blogs celebrating disco's vitality 30 years post Chicago's disco demolition night. I tried to stick to things that would mostly fit a technical definition of Disco (or House, as it is now known) rather than splintering off into the myriad deviations that have grown outward from disco.

Some great music there and it wouldn't be hard to add a ton more. Oh Hell, here's a few:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Obits, Ambivalence, mnmlsm, and Warehouses

After a long couple weeks of publishing silence, I've got a couple articles up at PopMatters. They're all things I was unsure about after I finished them, but it turns out they're all pretty good. Check them out

The Fawn in the Burning Forest: Our Beloved Monster
My encapsulation of the whole Michael Jackson affair, which appears as part of PopMatter's week long infatuation with his death.

A review of Bibio's Ambivalence Avenue, which is quite a departure.

A review of Studio 1 by Studio 1 (aka Wolfgang Voigt), which reads more like a treatise on hyper-minimalism.

And a more substantial form of minimalism, in the form of Claro Intelecto's Warehouse Sessions

Toyota Scion Presents...

Is dubstep now officially dead?

Also, MSTRKRFT is dubstep?