Monday, October 31, 2011

Human Sacrifice Mix: Halloween 2011 pt 2

halloween mix 2
1. children of the stones theme
2. coil- in memory of truth
3. jean-pierre massiera- l'estrange mr whinster-horrific child
4. univers zero- la faulx
5. jerry goldsmith- ave satani
6. diamanda galas- the litanies of satan

7. swans- a hanging
8. faust- knochentanz (bone dance)
9. pierre henry- breath

10. loop- circle grave
11. la vampire and zola jesus- eulogy
12. bohren & der club of gore- constant fear
13. forcefeel- coffin love

14. ceramic hello- footsteps in the fog
15. xylitol- ghost office
16. patrick cowley and jore socarras- i'll come see you
17. franz fulckenhaus- trident crisis

Saturday, October 29, 2011

We are the Monsters we Dreamed About: A Mix for Halloween courtesy of 555 Enterprises

1. the end of all existence- the end of all existence (2010)
2. reign- skeletons march (1996)
3. British Murder Boys- All the Saints have Been Hung (2005)
4. Nine Inch Nails- memorabilia (1994)
5. surgeon- prowler (2001)
6. reeko- witchcraft (2009)
7. t++- voices no bodies (2010)
8. paul damage- mothra (2001)
9. chris mccormack- they feed you scraps like starving bongo dogs (2007)
10. adam x- faces of death (1993)
11. rave creator- atmos-fear (1994)
12. lenny dee- forgotten moments (1997)/kanye west-monster (2010)
13. skinny puppy-deadlines (1983/1984)
14. flowerpot men- jo's so mean to josephine (1984)
15. terre thaemlitz- hush now (dj sprinkles broken record mix) (2006)
16. adam x- state of limbo (2008)
17. anne clark- our darkness (1984)
18. test dept- pulsations 2 (1983)
19. dj tron- murder the world (1996)
20. sped heller- satan is your friend (2009)
21. coil- the last rites of spring (1987)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Slow Down, Keep Dreaming

M83's newest reviewed by moi

Can't help but think I went a little light on them here because they're old favorites. Count me among the camp though that thinks the earlier material trumps the new stuff by leaps and bounds.

Walls- Coracle on the other hand, is a big improvement over their debut and all of the Walls stuff is miles ahead of the solo stuff by the two members (Banjo or Freakout and Allez-Allez respectively).

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Survival of the Industrial Sonic in a Deindustrialized West

I've got a new column up at PopMatters on Industrial Music throughout the 90s- that is, not the music most of us in our teens encountered as "Industrial" (though that stuff gets a mention too), but the ways in which the sonic of (de)construction and manual labor survived as an aesthetic in a time when it was becoming a ghost in the Western world.

There's some discussion of this over at SR's blissblog in this post (and makes reference to my first of these columns, as last year's column on minimal synth), which is actually part of a discussion started here about how the eighties is now the endless well of referentiality that the 60s once were. Some useful links in there too, including an interview with Blackest Ever Black/FACT's Kiran Sande, a nice coinage piece by Kek-W on "Work" music, and a link to a Guardian piece on Perc as London riot soundtrack music (More on that in part 3 (hopefully of 3) in my industrial trilogy set for PM.

Catching with Retarde Mode

I've kind of lost track of this blog with busy season at work. Here's a bunch of reviews I wrote recently (and some not so recently)

Balam Acab- See Birds (always my favorite of the witch-house crew, this was reissued on CD this year and he's got a new album which seems quite nice too)

Tommy Four Seven-Primate (One of my favorite albums of the year, though it deserves the 6 rating it got. Too much dull stuff, but the good stuff is great and Emika here is much better than our self-titled debut)

Pure X- Pleasure (another album that's pretty nice, though resoundingly dull in parts. That seems to be the point in this one. Chillwave as Prozac. Served me well during my unemployment stint visiting the beaches of East Haven with Alice).

Various- Laid (More bizness from Dial. I might take this down a point or two would I rewrite it today, but I can't really get on board with the attacks on the Berghain sound. Sure, it's conservative, but it's still great music. Just as pub rock can occasionally be exactly what you know, Dial does the body good even if doesn't exactly propel us forward into the future