Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Breaking Beats and Posting Precarity

Excellent piece by Kieran Sande on the triumphant return of the (wisely administered)breakbeat. Viva! Though its demise was certainly called for (simply put, through overuse, the breakbeat had been broken), its return in incremental doses has been quite sweet.

In addition, here another fascinating post by Mark K-Punk. If the politics of British television mean nothing to you, there are still some interesting points to be gathered from this article, such as the job precarity of unpaid/low-paid work in both commercial and cultural fields (something I know all too well about), accusations of elitism for not talking down to an audience (something that's been levelled at me for sure), and the difference between a (governmental/institutionalist) paternalism that challenges and one that allows its children to roam free in the hinterland of late capitalism (something that causes me a great deal of anxiety as someone who is actually becoming a father- how does one not risk becoming Big Other when trying to reign in restraints on a culture that rewards slack obedience with absolute leisure?). More on this later, I hope.

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