Friday, October 29, 2010

Death Comes to Those Who Wait

A halloween podcast available here:


Orville Stoeber/Walter Sear- Let's Scare Jessica to Death 5
Cosmetics- Black Leather Gloves (20JFG Mix)
AIDS-3D- Zombie
Vito Acconci-You're Going to Die
Kid606- Dancehall of the Dead
Bam Bam- Where is your Child?
Forcefeel- I Can't Stop Raving (Make It Stop Mix)
Dmitri Shostakovich- Chamber Symphony for Strings op11
Biochip C- Fucking Evil
Rufige Cru- Ark Angel 3
Vito Acconci- You're Going to Die (continued)
Topaz Rags- Sightings
Broadcast and the Focus Group- Make My Sleep His Song
Orville Stoeber/Walter Sear- Follow Me Jessica
Black Mass- Voices of the Dead
Les Vampyrettes- Biomutaten
Inca Ore- Churpa Campurrado
Throbbing Gristle- Dead on Arrival (DOA)
Yello- Assistant's Cry
Carl McKnight- The Devil's Out Tonight
The Cats- Swan Lake
Venetian Snares- Devil's Totem
Gatekeeper- Tomb
Delia Derbyshire- The Phantoms of Darkness
Max Romeo- Chase the Devil (Paulstretch mix)
Orville Stoeber/Walter Sear- Jessica Final
Belbury- Poly- The Hidden Door

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