Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Oramics

"We also have soundhouses, where we practise the healing powers of sound; where we analyze each human being's innate waveform and induce those harmonics to resonate which have fallen out of sorts; where the criminal is put into a harmless restful sleeep until his mental powers have come to terms with themselves and he is again in harmony with mankind; where man and beast are given the means of communication, one to another, so that man despises not the animal kingdom, nor any other form of life, no, nor even the 'inanimate', but humbly learns the wisdom derived from contact with another aspect.

"Here we learn the harmonic series of the elements, the cycles of the years, the oscillations of the tides, and the induced resonances from those forces far out in space.  We explore the sounds which move boulders, the overotones which transmute the metals, but moreover, we acknowledge the wavelength of our own time and respect the existence of beings without that time, finding thereby means to produce summation tones penetrating the very fundamentals of these worlds beyond our frontiers.  For here we excite the subtle higher frequencies the inner consciousness of man linking him, in truth, with the infinite timelessness of that still point where all is comprehended"

--- Daphne Oram, revision to New Atlantis