Tuesday, February 5, 2013

RIP Reg Presley

I always thought this one would have sounded awesome under a title sequence for a trashy film.

The Troggs and Presley occasionally had hints of Bolan in them.

Who hasn't wanted to sample that "Aw No!" at the beginning of this song? Nothing could be closer to Lester Bangs's debased ideal of rock as adolescent primitivism than band called The Troggs (short for The Troglodytes). At times, they lived up to that, settling for the simplest, most stripped down riffs and rhythms.

Those who had flipped over the "Wild Thing" single were treated to this seedy little devilish incantation. Of course, "Wild Thing" was a pretty dirty little number too, but I'll have to abstain from posting that one since it's responsible for launching both Sam Kinison and Charlie Sheen's comedy careers, and thus must be cursed by some kind of culture-crippling black magick.

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