Sunday, June 14, 2015

Harvest Monsanto (Legible Version)

If the self accepts biology as destiny, it allows its own biological alterations to go unexamined and unchallenged.  Mutation, therefore, becomes a historical inevitability.  Assumedly unshifting and inert, the body or vessel has been socially imbued with a determinism that desocializes the politics of corporeal dimensions, proportions, constitution, and internal operations down to the level of individual habits.  A self-policing determinism of the body disavows any possibility of evolution as entropy. 

Under the entropic model of evolution, survival becomes a series of delays in a species’ eventual extinction through methods of social organization, rather than an adaptation to previously untenable environments. Regardless of popular awareness of recent shifts, the body, as we all know, is changing.  What is put into the body, what the body is exposed to, what the body desires, what the body requires, and what the body expects are all categories that have undergone a quiet revolution in recent years thanks to the intervention of various environmental stimuli introduced by many of the major multinational industrial outlets.

The Forcefeel device has been devised to interact with both the body itself and these environmental stimuli at the cellular level, by inducing a psychosomatic response that helps reject the turbulence of the mind and expedites the fusion of external stimuli with the corporeal subject.  By triggering specific rudimentary emotional cues recognizable to any user, the Forcefeel machine can supersede complexity and operate each vessel remotely under the basic tenets of a pre-scripted and prescriptive narrative.  Under the distracting influence of these compulsory "feeling" cues, the subject can maintain confidence in its own rational cognitive individualism while the device suggests a consensual intersubjectivity that masks the framework of the external stimulus's work on transforming the vessel.  More specifically, this will give the Forcefeel machine agency to perform a radical synthesis between the existing infrastructure’s mechanical and ideological framework and the human subject's body as host.  This will allow both the intelligence network of established institutions to persist at the level of biomatter (via the “social” network of various interconnected vessels) and the body to operate without reliance on the deficient resources of organs and skeletal matter subject to eventual decay and atrophy. 

Performing such a risky procedure without the benefit of the Forcefeel machine inevitably carries with it the potential risk of widespread protest or at least a thorny public debate process which will create a permanent subculture of skeptics and detractors, thereby contaminating the public relations future of any firm involved.  Luckily, food engineers and chemists have already laid much of the groundwork for our eventual success by creating pathways for ingestion through the bloodstream in the form of consumer products containing newly deregulated sedatives and mutagens that will ultimately help facilitate the fusion (foods, cosmetics, health products, household cleaners, pharmaceuticals, et al.).  By creating a vast apparatus of new, carefully coded genetic materials that have seamlessly integrated themselves into everyday diets and rituals, the conditions for the coalition between the corporeal subject (the body as variable vessel) and its control subject (the existing quasi-organic infrastructure of Capital and its various devices) has never been greater. 

Though there is invariably some short-term risk in investing in a new technology like the Forcefeel machine, the potential gains are innumerable.  Not only is the creation of a singular consciousness, through which artificial desires and consensus can be filtered a clear path to immortality for both the corporeal subject and the control, but we can forecast with no deal of uncertainty, 100% market dominance for any early supporter wise enough to invest in the forcefeel device during its initial staging.  The aforementioned filters one may choose to introduce into a host subject are limited only by the scale of one’s imagination and with the aid of the forcefeel’s “feeling” cues the investor can anticipate imminent brand loyalties the likes of which have never been witnessed before. 

With the rapid acceleration of weather patterns posing an immediate and devastating threat to the human species, it is imperative that we introduce these mutagens to the vessel as soon as possible.  As we know, humans themselves are an essential part of the global market’s architecture and their survival is necessary to your continued success as an industry leader and innovator. Therefore, we propose an immediate merger between the corporeal subject and its symbolic inventions, the latter now already operating at the level of artificial intelligence through an economic model that is roundly self-preservationist and adaptive in its drives.  Your generous investment in the Forcefeel device will help pave the way for a brighter future, wherein the promise of power is truly limitless.   

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