Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Known/Unknown Pleasures

Emily Hall- Folie A Deux (Bedroom Community)
Dialect- Gowanus Drifts (1080p)
Ital- Endgame (Planet Mu)
Strategy- Noise Tape Self (Further)
Haunter- Ablesight, 1993 (self-released)
M.E.S.H.- Piteous Gate (PAN)
High Wolf- Growing Wild (Leaving)
Xosar- Let Go (Opal Tapes)

Passing Strangers

Ventila- For Human Consumption (Astro Nautico)
Prurient- Frozen Niagra Falls (Profound Lore)
Hanz- Reducer (Tri Angle)
Algiers- Algiers (Matador)
Michael Vallera- Distance (Opal Tapes)
Emika- DREI (Emika)

Moments in Love (pop edition)

FKA Twigs- "Figure 8"
Miguel- "Coffee"
Rick Ross ft Gunplay- "Scuffed Timbs"
The Internet featuring Kaytandra- "Girl"
Giorgio Moroder feat Kylie Minogue- "Right Here Right Now"
Big Sean feat Kanye, Drake- "Blessings"
Danny Brown & Clams Casino- "Worth It"
Pusher- "Basic"
The Weeknd- "Can't Feel My Face"

Moments in Love (popped off edition)

Nice Feelings- "Fresh"
Panda Bear- "Come to Your Senses (Danny L Harle Mix)"
Dux Content- "Snow Globe"
Popcorn_10- "Dennis"
Rytmeklubben- Girlfriend EP
Maxo- "Reach You"

Moments in Love (underground mix)

Magic Fades- "Ecco (Vektroid Mix)"
Amnesia Scanner- "As Angels Rig Hook"
Gremino- "Dystopicity"
Truss- "Kymin Lee"
Alfred English- "Maroon 6"
Keita Saino- "Onion Slice"


Ex Machina
The Eric Andre Show
Mr Robot (in parts)
Hannibal Season 3

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