Thursday, September 3, 2015

New World Destruction

So it turns out that Mr. Robot's premise was ontological, after all. The notion that capitalism has so fractured our sense of reality that those left to reconstruct a new ontology have no conception of what a model of base reality could even look like.  That we will be living with its memory, its parents who persist by our side, for some time to come, and the new world will not be born in the vernix of hope and joy, but in a mix of loss, trepidation, and reluctant relief.

"But what do we do tomorrow?", one of the characters asks.

It'll be interesting to see a show about hackers, who do have some degree of investment in technology- tech made possible by capitalism, speculate on how this next phase plays out.

An excellent use of this one over the opening credits too:

If Hannibal hadn't had such mind-blowingly incredible music too this year (its best ever-which is saying a deal), Mac Quayle would definitely get the nod for the knockout television score of the year.  

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