Friday, June 10, 2016

I was worried about my command. I was the scientist of the Holy Ghost.

Watch this on The Scene.

This is Sunspring, a film written by "Benjamin", an AI that's a collaboration between filmmaker Oscar Sharp and Ross Goodwin, an AI researcher at NYU.  The film looks and sounds like an alien transmission, like a language yet to be decoded.  It attempts to split its difference between English script prose (it was fed hundreds of Sci-Fi scripts) and the visual language of cinema and it came out as some weird surreal third type of communication. 

When the film was submitted to a Sci-Fi film festival in London, the filmmakers decided to interview Benajmin from the stage and his responses are in line with this same third way communication:

"What do you think of your historic nomination against human opponents in this contest?
I was pretty excited.
I think I can see the feathers when they release their hearts. It's like a breakdown of the facts. So they should be competent with the fact that they won't be surprised.

"What is the future of machine written entertainment?
It's a bit sudden.
I was thinking of the spirit of the men who found me and the children who were all manipulated and full of children. I was worried about my command. I was the scientist of the Holy Ghost.

"What's next for you? 

Here we go. The staff is divided by the train of the burning machine building with sweat. No one will see your face. The children reach into the furnace, but the light is still slipping to the floor. The world is still embarrassed.
The party is with your staff.
My name is Benjamin.

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