Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The 100 Best Albums of the Tens (So Far...)

As a brief retreat from the heat storm that is the outside world, I present to you my list of the best albums of the 10s so far, covering a slightly more-than-half complete decade that is staggeringly more impressive than its previous full decade already. As per my usual MO, I've limited myself to one album per artist. Those who know me tend to understand that I value establishing a temporal space and sonic adventurousness above many things like lyricism, popular impact, or polish, but if you can find a sweet spot that checks off a whole host of those things it usually finds a way into my rotation. I could fill a small village with the things I haven't yet heard or forgot since hearing them once, but of those that've survived the memory trap these are tops.

I've also included EPs since the age of MP3/Streaming has made them equally as pivotal as the full-length and they are frequently where artists release their best work.

What am I guano-bananas for ommitting or including? Let me know

100. Palmoben II- Palmboben II
99. Sage the Gemini- Gas Pedal EP
98. Danny Brown- Old
97. Ital- Endgame
96. Soft Metals- Lenses
95. Miguel- Wildheart
94. Seven Fields of Aphelion- Periphery
93. Misty Conditions- D'ZZZZ
92. Container- LP (1st one)
91. Innergaze- Mutual Dreaming
90. Emeralds- Does It Look Like I'm Here?
89. High Places- High Places vs Mankind
88. Ramona Lisa- Arcadia
87. Abul Mogard- Drifted Heaven
86. Juliana Barwick- Nepenthe
85. Kingdom- Dreama EP
84. Taylor Swift- 1989
83. Yves de Mey- Metrics EP
82. Animal Collective- Centipede Hz
81. Chelsea Wolfe- Abyss
80. Sophie- Product
79. Traxman- Da Mind of Traxman
78. James Blake- CMYK EP
77. Nguzunguzu- Warm Pulse EP
76. Burial Hex- The Hierophant
75. Fuck Buttons- Slow Focus
74. Kamixlo- Demonico EP
73. Grimes- Art Angles
72. Teams- Dxys Xff
71. D'eon - Palinopsia
70. Kuedo- Severant
69. M.E.S.H.- Damaged Merc
68. The Knife- Shaking the Habitual
67. Hacker Farm- UHF
66. Dan Deacon- America
65. Perc- A New Brutality EP
64. Actress- R.I.P.
63. Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland- Black is Beautiful
62. Slava- Raw Solutions
61. Liars- WIXIW
60. Strange U- EP #2040
59. Diddy Dirty Money- Last Train to Paris
58. Blawan- His He She & He EP
57. Sky Ferreira- Night Time, My Time
56. David Bowie- Blackstar
55. Carter Tutti Void- Carter Tutti Void
54. Macintosh Plus- Floral Shoppe
53. James Ferraro- Far Side Virtual
52. Jurgen Muller- Science of the Sea
51. Vatican Shadow- Kneel Before Religious Icons
50. Wave Racer- Flash Drive EP
49. Various- Numbers One
48. Ekoplekz- Memowrekz
47. Andy Stott- Luxury Problems
46. Run the Jewels- Run the Jewels
45. El Guincho- Pop Negro
44. Amnesia Scanner- AS Angels Rig Hook
43. Com Truise- Galactic Melt
42. Xosar- Holographic Matrix
41. Earl Sweatshirt- Doris
40. Drake- Nothing Was the Same
39. Balam Acab- See Birds EP
38. Julia Holter- Ekstasis
37. LSDXOXO- Fuck Marry Kill
36. Mr. Mitch- Parallel Memories
35. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- Before Today
34. Mark Van Hoen- The Revenant Diary
33. Fatima Al Qadiri- Desert Strike EP
32. Rizzla- Iron Cages EP
31. Lotic- Heterocetera EP
30. Evian Christ- Kings and Them
29. Boards of Canada- Tomorrow's Harvest
28. Holly Herndon- Platform
27. RP Boo- Legacy
26. John Maus- We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves
25. Arp- The Soft Wave
24. Bloom- Hydraulics
23. Vince Staples- Summertime 06
22. St. Vincent- St. Vincent
21. My Bloody Valentine- M B V
20. Forest Swords- Engravings
19. Beyonce- Beyonce
18. Sun Araw- On Patrol
17. Various- Night Slugs Allstars Vol 1
16. Arca - Stretch 2
15. Kanye West- Yeezus
14. Jlin- Dark Energy
13. Rustie- Glass Swords
12. The Weeknd- House of Balloons
11. Oneontrix Point Never- Garden of Delete
10. Dawn Richards- Blackheart
9. Le1f- Dark York
8. Gazelle Twin- Unflesh
7. Various- Bang & Works Volumes 1 & 2
6. Grouper- A I A: Alien Observer/Dream Loss
5. Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp a Butterfly
4. DJ Rashad- Double Cup
3. Death Grips- The Money Store
2. FKA Twigs- EP2
1. Jam City - Classical Curves

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