Wednesday, September 28, 2016

RIP Kashif

Kashif's hotspot was during the early 80s when he took synths and made them sound "sophisticated".  Schmeared at the Venn center of jazz-funk, quiet storm, pop, electro, and flat-out muzak, Kashif became a fossil.  Only recently in the wreckage of vaporwave has his sound started to become reassessible.  In fact, his debut LP in 1983 is quite good.  The best track, below, almost sounds like it could be a collaboration between Visionist and Prins Thomas or something:

Dude could even make Kenny G sound dope.  If you took the Saxophone off of G's G-Force Album, it might be some slept-on almost-ran halfway...ok, well it'd still be okay.  In fact, much of Kashif's output is just okay, but listen to "The Mood" again.  He coulda done some out there stuff if he just had some Arthur Russell style muse to break him outta pop. 

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