Friday, October 27, 2017

Turf War

It's been a little quiet at this blog lately.  I feel like this is annual routine where I announce this.  But this time I've actually been doing something other than being busy at a thankless job.  Probably the most prominent taste of this is here in The Atlantic , where Alex Putterman interview my family and a close personal friend about our involvement in forming NHASTI, an organization opposed to the use of crumb rubber infill in sports fields and playgrounds.  Crumb rubber is ground-up tires, an eco-hazard containing at least 13 known carcinogens currently being studied by the EPA, CDC, and CSPC because it has potentially being poisoning children for the past 20 or so years.   It has become a hot-button issue at the local level, and has elicited some nasty glares and threats towards us, as well as some jeers directed at my daughter for ...having gone through two major skull surgeries from a condition that could be partly influenced by the same substance?  I dunno, these sports fuckers are nuts.

We've been trying to raise a lot of attention on this since the town is completely inattentive and weirdly at the mercy of this band of local Dylan, Texas-style sports crusaders.  Never thought I'd be back at it with the jocks, but here we are.

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