Friday, June 8, 2018

Bee Best

Sam Bee for me is a problematic fave. Not because she uses potty words or isn't fair-handed to authoritarians- It's the ways she employs horseshoe theory at times to discredit the left and validates people like Glenn Beck (who now supports Trump) by platforming every minor aneurystic crisis of conscience right wing turd blossoms can muster. Despite regular disagreements with her, I still enjoy her show and week's one was particularly well done, going after our villainous immigration policy, and even taking umbrage with the very thing I reference above by mocking a Republican legislator for patting himself on the back after "doing the right thing once". Also, this was a master class in apology, showing sensitivity to women who legitimately take umbrage with the C word but also highlighting just how shallow and futile civility politics are.

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