Friday, August 10, 2018


In all honesty though, every story on this Space Force whatever-it-is is very light on rationale so i posit these, which all stand an equal chance of being true:

1. Most obvious: great way to reverse robin hood state capital into defense contractor pockets, as with the five other military branches

2. Purposefully trying to undermine American military for foreign agent by making ours look stupid

3. Building an actual death star. Expect an equally stupid vulnerability too (see #7)

4. As stated in my other post, Bezos/Musk/et al. see earth as fundamentally uninhabitable in the near future and are building the infrastructure to be able to leave and defend themselves against the frothing hoardes looking to hitch a ride on their space yachts

5. I Was struck by the line in WaPo that they are interested in a new military branch "with its own chain of command and uniforms". We do know Pence and Trump are both big fans of pageantry. And plenty of new seats to fill with America's remaining grifters and snake oil salesmen

6. Making concerted effort to take away space from every kid who ever looked up at the stars and dreamed that it might not be as shitty as the earth is

7. After yesterday's revelations that the CEO of Marvel is secretly in charge of the VA, leaving the door open for Disney and Star Wars to control space.

8. Speaking of product placement, Naomi Klein's book No Logo has a section called "No Space' which posits that advertising has sought to occupy every functional part of what was once the commons...but in "No Space" she forgot about actual space! SPACE BILLBOARDS! CH-MUTHAFUCKING-CHING!

9. Comet headed towards earth to mercifully kill us all will really cause a panic in the markets so it needs to be shot down without much of a fuss

10. We're all stuck in a weird nightmare and our unconscious is running out of ideas

11. Space is indeed the place, as Sun Ra predicted, and therefore must be colonized and the Arkestra transformed into an Applebee's

12. Since we live in the dumbest reality, the Mr. Show sketch about blowing up the moon must now happen

13. Running out of places to get away with abusing children out in the open

14. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, or a whimper, but with a series of increasingly unlikely novel scenarios haphazardly assembled at the whim of a manchild who'd like nothing more than to cake the planet in gold and asbestos and then move on to destroy another planet

15. For now I am become death, destroyer of worlds. Look on my works, ye mighty and despair. Nothing beside remains, round the decay and the buffet of useless apps, fidget spinners, and the jerry mcguire monument.

16. We will create all the moments you thought you'd never live to see. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. But all these moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain, swept up in runoff of the great flood, burying the coastlines and eventually drifting us back into a modern panagea where our descendants will bath in the corpse-soaked water of our past mistakes.

17. The savage late capitalist mind does not understand freedom. It only understands force. Space force.

18. As indicated in the Bardo Thodol, in order to reborn, one must surrender to the void. But first one must find the void. Floating in the black emptiness of space, one mirrors the giant ego staring down the chasm of loneliness of the virtual/ social media sphere, but with all its contentless identity building kits and toolboxes dissipating into the ether of the universe's vast scope and one's sense of insignificance within it. Freed from one's career as cog in systems of oppression, absent the desire for definition, and liberated to experience pure humility at the cusp of nihilism, one can return in prepartion for the nuclear eradication of the self and the culture built in its tribute. Ready to experience connection to the universe, a force from deep within space bonding all of us, the atomization and alienation experienced daily recognized as mere illusion, and elevating collective consciousness to a higher plane.

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