Saturday, October 27, 2018

In Which All the Dream We Worked Hard to Achieve Are Set Aflame

the Halloween mix is a profane and necessary ritual and rite.  2018's is above. Setlist is below. As above, so below.

1. Robert McNaughton- The Stalk
2. Robedoor- Cadaver Dogs
3. Libra-Tema Di Marco
4. Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow-Hacking/Cutting
5. King Dude- Satan's Ghost
6. Karel Gott- Schwarz Und Rot
7. Anthony Child- 5000 Spirits
8. The Sound of Feeling- Hex
9. Dopplereffekt- Sterilization
10. Jean-Pierre Massiera and Bernard Torelli- Radio Galaxia
11. Piero Umiliani- Synthi Waltz
12. Occult-Oriented Crime- Rodrigo Syntese System
13. Gazelle Twin- Better In My Day
14. Cowboy Junkies- Me and the Devil
15. Gilbert, Hampson, Kendall- Fotala
16. Daniela Casa- Occultismo
17. Depeche Mode- Little 15
18. Broadcast- Hammer Without a Master (Underdog mix)

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