Tuesday, February 12, 2019

2084 dir Chris Marker (1984)

Brilliant mini-doc (in French with English Subtitles available in the player) filmed for the 100th anniversary of the trade union movement and on the cusp of the computer age, identifying questions on the future of dealing with this new technology that we are still struggling with today and always prophesying scenarios that are now occurring. He does this in the form of 3 hypothetical scenarios that an autonomous robot may tell us about what awaits us in our future

Scenario 2:

"This technology; who should control it, own it, benefit from it? Who should control its evolution?  This was what was at stake, the great question at the end of the century. Not having understood these stakes in time, the government of this future was left in the hands of a new species of manager: the techno-totalitarians. "

Scenario 3:

"Fundamentally, the 20th century didn't exist, it was just a long and interminable transition from barbarism to culture. In the 80s, those who felt anger at the poverty and injustice of industrial society were right, those who posed the hope of a different and new society were right as well. "

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