Sunday, March 15, 2009

All Apologies

Idolator has a post up regarding the Right Music Wrong campaign launched by the dying Virgin brand. The idea of a music "wrong" is so dogmatic and small-minded that it barely warrants mention, but Idolator's puts an interesting twist on this idea- don't we owe musicians an apology for buying all their albums and then pretending to be better than them several months later?

The comments section is very entertaining. Somebody ought to make an entire web site devoted to such musical apologies. Any takers?

Dear music industry,
I'm sorry for my stingy habits at taping songs off the radio, using BMG and Columbia House in my youth to get their free cd offers, taping songs I found at the library, burning CDs from friends, downloading music, listening to music on Youtube and Imeem, getting free promos to review, and buying local and independent music before anything mainstream. It really is sad that you are now irrelevant.

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