Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Deeper Into Listening

I've got a new review up of the recent reissue of four works by Pauline Oliveros on Sub Rosa. Click the link to check it out.

I've had the privilege of meeting Ms. Oliveros and actually performed at her Deep Listening Space with Al Margolis (If, Bwana, Pogus Records, Sound of Pig Records) and Evan Leed (former Mr. Noise, m0dnAr, Moe Greene) (who've both recently collaborated on a great track on a compilation called String Theories)opening for the French improv group Hubbub. I thank the three people who came out that night.

Regardless, it's a great space to check out if you ever, for some ungodly purpose, find yourself trapped in the lower Hudson Valley. I have nothing but fond memories from there.

Deep Listening Institute

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