Friday, July 13, 2012

WTF is Vacation?

Heh heh heh,  it's funny that some people think the corporate environment is like a prison.  It's so stupid because everybody just gets to have benefits and entitlements, right?  It couldn't ever be the case that people are terrified to take days because they might be laid off, be unable to pay their mortgage, lose health insurance for their children, and face a stagnant job market that's in a perpetual race to the bottom for all but the wealthiest citizens.

That one is called "Norma Rae".  Disgusted, yet?

Retirement's just a constant vacation, isn't it? Folks who work their whole life deserve a break, and thank God we live in this marvelous country where they all get to do that.   And waitresses are just dumb uneducated bimbos who can't count and thus don't deserve to run off to Vegas for as long as the rest of us, right?

But we all know what the real message is, right?   "Come to Vegas and gamble your way out of debt."  Because the real reason we don't go on vacation (whether we're lucky enough to have vacation days or not) is that we can't afford to. So, in order to sell to those who can't afford to, the incentive needs to be that we can't afford not to.