Monday, October 26, 2015

Razorblades and Ecstasy in your Halloween Bag

One of my favorite things to do every year is to assemble a juicy, deranged Halloween mix. This year, I decided to focus exclusively on things released in the past year (there may be a few from the tail end of 2014, but this is heavy on 2015). Focus was mainly on the darker sound emanating from experimental clubland.

1.satan by blkhts
2.sleeper carriage by slackk
3.I'm Your Doll by FKA Twigs angels rig hook by amnesia scanner
5.laugh track by buku
6.stalker ha (DJ Heat mix) by Kingdom
7.vamp by  EPROM
8.Airlock by Rizzla
9.Auto Shade by Angel Ho
10.looking edge by kaoss edge
11.ghosts of rotwood by april larson and daniel bowden
12.explora (slave) by florian kupfer
13.hex by rabit
14.dead body by little simz
15.Heterocetera by Lotic
16.Guantanamo by Jlin
17.death grips 2.0 by Death Grips
18.$10000 ca$h in hand by C H L O R I N E
19.temps perdu (edition de tenebres) by Haunter
20.endgame by ital
21.maggots by russell e butler
22.clawdd du by Truss
23.bleak drift by Dialect
24.dystopicity by gremino
25.choke by Kamikaze space programme ft emika
26.Kingpin (salva mix) by RL Grime ft Big Sean
27.Sad Sniper by Deadboy
28.haunted by angels dust
29.ecco (vektroid mix) by magic fades

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