Friday, October 16, 2015

Slight Return

After a long hiatus, I've done another review for PopMatters.  This time of Rizzla's very excellent Iron Cages

In part, I just wanted to talk about:

A new genre had been born, Foley Grime, a term I’ve dubbed after the sounds of postproduction which make up the often-exaggerated diegetic noises of cinematic spectacle, combined with the electronic movement from which most of these tracks and artists stem. Using sound effects to pepper riddim tracks is not a new device in music, nor even in the 15-year-old grime genre itself. More than a decade ago, Dizzee Rascal, Lady Sovereign, and M.I.A. were peppering their snares and hi-hats with the noises of cash registers, gunshots, video game one-ups, and the like. What distinguishes the current lot, which includes Lotic, Bloom, Rabit , M.E.S.H, and Miss Modular (whose label is named after the aforementioned Jam City song), is that the icy, atonal FX form the basic engine of their sound, not just supplemental flair.

Loved this one a few years back.  Can't remember if it made the top ten or not, but it was at least close.  I imagined Rizzla as a way different artist then though

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