Monday, January 26, 2009

File Under Dis(Re)covery: Intense- Natural Progression

In the ever expanding world of Youtube, Imeem, Hype Machine, what have you, music streams are taking the place of P2P networks and becoming something even better- a limitless library of music education available at the press of a button. Like Wikipedia for sounds, there's a whole history- most interesting to me are the hidden ones- of music video and rusty vinyl lovingly uploaded by the fans who've been blessed to hear them. It's a great tool for learning and expanding and I highly recommend getting lost under the "related videos" or suggested tracks or "more from" the next time you're surfing.

In the spirit of sharing, or resharing (since I'm not the original poster of any of this material), I'm starting a new series called "File Under Dis(re)covery", which will hopefully move at a pace slow enough to not crash those of you (like me) with ancient machines. I'll start with this fantastic piece I found today by the wonderful drum n bass outfit Intense.

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