Monday, January 12, 2009

The Rest of 2008

Two post back, I listed a bunch of superlatives for 2008's music, which tends to dominate my life in any given year. However, 2008 was full of a bunch of other stuff worth noting and/or commemorating and here's a disorganized recap.

Music I Just Don't Get:
Upon checking out some year end lists, I found a lot of great new music and revisited a few things I'd just plain forgot about. However, this is a list of almost-universally beloved artists and artifacts from 2008 whose buzz I can't really fathom.

Beach House
Bon Iver
Department of Eagles
Fucked Up
funky house
Gang Gang Dance- "House Jam"
Girl Talk
Hercules and Love Affair
The Hold Steady
Hot Chip
Mujava- "Township Funk" (fruityloops pop released on Warp? I should've sent m0dnAr demos to them years ago)
Nick Cave- Dig Lazarus Dig
TV On the Radio
The Walkmen
Wiley- "Weaing my Rolex" and all rolex for that matter

Top TV
You can find a few of these superlatives as write-ups I did for PopMatters's best of TV section.
1. Generation Kill
2. Dexter
3. Mad Men
4. In Treatment
5. The Office
6. It's always Sunny in Philadelphia
7. Lost
8. Recount
9. The Colbert Report
10. The Daily Show

Films- Didn't see nearly as many as I'd have liked, but these caught my attention throughout the year:
Wall-E, The Signal, Pineapple Express, Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Step Brothers, Burn After Reading, Be Kind Rewind, Role Models, Son of Rambow, Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution

Here's a few movies I saw in 2008 that weren't released that year that were still mind-blowing: Diary of the Dead, Harodl and Maude, Solaris, Peeping Tom, The People Under the Stairs, Hot Fuzz, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Punishment Park, Coffy, Over the Edge, The Bourne Trilogy, Holy Mountain, Paprika, Taxi to the Dark Side, No End in Sight, The Human Behavior Experiments

The two best other things
1. Getting Married/ Honeymoon
2. New President and the potential that things might ever get slightly better

Thus concludes superlatives 2008

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