Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hum a Silent Prayer

There's a new short review of the split by the marvelously talented ladies Grouper (Liz Harris) and Inca Ore (Eva Saelens)*, two of the premier talents in today's fuzzy ambient, proto-hauntological musicsphere, over at PopMatters. Having dabbled in lo-fi tape recording for years and years before the slow dawn of computer music myself, there's something even more affecting and certainly more intimate about this music for me than, say a certain Radiophonic/public television referencing subset of the genre. Ore's damaged and worn voice on her half of the CD feels like a cross between the amateur "nobody's ever gonna hear us" adventurism of the Lucas and Friends Discover a World of Sounds disc and the confessional fictitious diaries the young Jonathan Caouette aired in his exquisite documentary Tarnation.

Coincidentally, I came across a compilation of clips on Youtube that resembled pieces one might have found on the Lucas disc while searching for clips for Weird Tapes (the clips were also called Weird Tapes). Certainly, there's much to be said about this type of slightly pernicious voyeurism into our younger, hidden moments, but what interested me was that it reminded me that I have a couple boxes worth of the same stuff in my basement. For years, I was under the assumption that this stuff had no value to any one besides myself, but perhaps it might be interesting to throw these into the cultural deitrus and see what happens.

*Ore's Birthday of Bless You would have surely made into the best of 2008 categoryh had I heard it sooner.

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