Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The above, from the NME.  Apologies for this staggering work of impenetrable beauty not being "funny" enough for Dalton, but calling it out for not being "sensual" or "enigmatic".  Has any review ever been more off-base?  I must have listened to Succour over 50 times and not once has its sensuality or mystery not jumped out of the speakers like the weird faceless man jumped out of the darkness in this last week's episode of Louie.   First and last sentences of this seem pretty accurate though.  It does feel like time stretches when listening (a fantastic feat for such an immersive album- Ed.).  A dark, deserted vessel adrift on a waveless sea (unless you count, you know, those DEEPLY FUCKING HYPNOTIC BEATS as waves).  No wonder people violently hated Oasis.  

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