Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Maundering Mnemonics and Orchestral Orchids in Somnambulist Bursts (Dreampop '93-'95 mix)

It was pretty common parlance in the 90s that Dreampop had nothing to offer after Loveless and little to offer before, but its lineage throughout post-millenial music can't be underestimated.  In addition, the ensuing years, though dominated by other perhaps more innovative progressions, still had a pretty great output.

1. Ride- Rolling Thunder
2. Bowery Electric- Drop
3. Lush- Blackout
4. The Glee Club- Need
5. Cranes- Pale blue Sky
6. Heavenly- Three Star Compartment
7. Cocteau Twins- Ice-Pulse
8. Lush- Lit-Up
9. Curve- On the Wheel
10. Ride- Natural Grace
11. Medicine- Something Goes Wrong
12. The Glee Club- Remember the Years
13. Windy and Carl- Instrumental 1
14. Yo La Tengo- Double Dare
15. Pale Saints- Always I
16.  Mazzy Star- Roseblood
17. My Bloody Valentine- We Have All the Time In the World

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