Monday, February 1, 2016

Bros Before Pose

The BernieBros thing off the bat seemed like smear-y garbage, but Greenwald here hits on all the major touchpoints.  There's no such  thing as a harassment-free community online, which is a larger issue, but it'd be naive to think liberals are free from this. Liberal women who write things on the internet particularly know this and it's the precipice of male privilege to be unaware of how prevalent regressive attitudes are by so-called progressive men (even this article has its own share of sexist assumptions worth their own share of time).  However, to pin this as unique or emblematic of Sanders supporters is some pretty transparent straw-man shenanigans.  The major concern should be in this pull quote below:

"If you’re a Clinton media supporter, the last thing you want to do is talk about her record in helping to construct the supremely oppressive and racist U.S. penal state. You don’t even want to acknowledge what Alexander and Coates wrote. You most certainly don’t want to talk about how she’s drowning both personally and politically in Wall Street money. You sure don’t want to talk about what her bombing campaign did to Libya, or the military risks that her no-fly zone in Syria would entail, or the great admiration and affection she proclaimed for Egyptian despot Hosni Mubarak, or revisit her steadfast advocacy of the greatest political crime of this generation, the invasion of Iraq. You don’t want to talk about her vile condemnation of “superpredators,” or her record on jobs-destroying trade agreements, or the fact that she changed her position from vehement opposition to support for marriage equality only after polls and most Democratic politicians switched sides.

Indeed, outside of a very small number of important issues where her record is actually good, you don’t want to talk much at all about her actual beliefs and actions. Watch how many progressive endorsements of Clinton simply ignore all of that. It’s much better to re-direct the focus away from Hillary Clinton’s history of beliefs and policy choices onto the repugnant, stray comments of obscure, unknown, anonymous people on the internet claiming (accurately or not) to be supporters of Bernie Sanders. The fact that it may be an effective tactic — mostly because most Democratic media figures are equally fervent Clinton supporters and thus willing to unite to prop it up and endorse it — does not make it any less ugly or deceitful."

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