Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Last Angel of History dir John Akomfrah (1996)

Stunning documentary on the Afrofuturist tendency in post-diasporic music/other sicence fictions taking the form of a "datathief" who travel back in time trying to assemble the pieces from a fragmented, postmodern history.  Named after Walter Benjamin's notion of angel who looks backwards into the past while flying forward in history, the film connects how the mass displacement of Africans has always found resonance, sometimes concurrent (most presciently via P-Funk, Lee Perry, and Sun Ra), in the notion of alien-ness as otherness.

Featuring George Clinton, Goldie, Derrick May, Octavia Butler, Juan Atkins, Mad Mike, A Guy Called Gerald, Ismael Reed, Samuel Delany,  andDJ Spooky, as well as music critics Kodwo Eshun and Greg Tate

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