Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Stranger Things Season 2 E01-E04

Happy Halloween. Here's my sneak preview of the imaginary upcoming Season of Stranger Things, at least the first few episodes, a mixture of synthwave, gothy, and psych sounds much like those featured on the show. I'll post the second half of the season's sounds later this week. 

1. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein- Stranger Things
2. Patrick Cowley- Mockingbird Dream
3. Peter Gabriel- At Night
4. Skinny Puppy- Love
5. The Sundays- Here's Where the Story Ends
6. Stellar OM Source- Copper Dream
7. James Asher- Research Specimen
8. Elf Power- Upside Down
9. Oneohtrix Point Never- Parallel Memories
10. The Cure- Perfect Girl
11. Com Truise- Cyanide Sisters
12. The Reds- Lector's Cell
13. Starship- Ron Hays Music Image
14. The Third Bardo- Five Years Ahead of My Time
15. Black Mass- Philo Stone
16. Concrete Blonde- Your Haunted Head
17. Jonathan Elias- The Invasion
18. And Also the Trees- From the Silver Frost
20. John Carpenter- Tenement-White Tiger
21. Brad Fiedel- "Fuck You Asshole"
22. New Colony Six- The Time of the Year is Sunset
23. The Advisory Circle- Sundial

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