Friday, October 28, 2016

Stranger Things Season 2 E05-E09

Part 2 of 2 representing the clinching second half the second series

1. Chocolate Watch Band- It's All Over Now Baby Blue
2. Kyle Dixon Michael Stein- Stranger Things
3. Tangerine Dream- Lost in the Dunes
4. Ministry- I Prefer
5. Genghis Tron- Board Up the House (Steve Moore Mix)
6. Jean Michel Jarre- Deserted Palace
7. Bronski Beat- It Ain't Necessarily So
8. Roll the Dice- The New Black
9. The Byrds- I Come and Stand At Every Door
10. Suzanne Ciani- Eigth Wave
11. Ikonika- Completion
12. Patrick Vasori and Jan Yrssen- Fourmis Geantes
13. Mike Oldfield- Evacuation
14. Charles Bernstein- No Escape
15. Factory Floor & Peter Gordon- Beachcombing
16. The Velvet Underground & Nico- All Tomorrow's Parties
17. Skanfrom- Here She Comes
18. Staccato Du Mal- Drowning Still
19. Ralph Lundsten- Paradise Winds
20. David J- I Hear Only Silence Now

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