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10 Year Vintage: The Best of 2008

I'll be taking the vintage blogs on somewhat of a hiatus, in that I'm not going to be as comprehensive in terms of territory as I usually am. I find myself becoming obsessive and this year I didn't even really get through a good deal of music I wanted to hear but had not before. It doesn't help that the years in question- '68, '78, '88, '98, and '08 were thriving years for music production- an explosion of sounds and peak years in psychedelic/rock, punk, disco, hip-hop, et al. So, I may still post here and there but might not make it as central a pursuit as previous years. I hope to still deliver some year end bests for the next few years though to deliver a fairly extensive (though still incomplete!) superlative index of the last 60 or so years.

 I had previously made a list of 2008 during the year in question (see side window). While somethings have definitely remained steady, it's clear I missed quite a bit, even as I was regularly reviewing music and mostly listening to new stuff.

 So here's the top 25 LP, 10 EPs, and 50 singles from 2008:

 Top LPs of 2008

1. Grouper- Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
2. High Places- High Places
3. Flying Lotus- Los Angeles
4. Cut/Copy- In Ghost Colours
5. The Bug- London Zoo
6. Oneohtrix Point Never- Transmat Memories
7. Actress- Hazyville
8. Erykah Badu- New Amerykah Part One
9. Nite Jewel- Good Evening
10. Legowelt- The Rise and Fall of Manuel Noreaga
11. Pocahaunted- Island Diamonds
12. Max Tundra- Parallax Error Beheads You
13. Zomby- Where Were U in 92?
14. Portishead- Three
15. Wale- The Mixtape About Nothing
16. Grace Jones- Hurricane
17. Burial Hex- Initiations
18. Kanye West- 808s and Heartbreak
19. Diplo and Santogold- Top Ranking
20. Burning Star Core- Challenger
21. Coil - The New Backwards
22. David Byrne & Brian Eno- Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
23. Fennesz- Black Sea
24. Yo Majesty- Futuristically Speaking…Never Be Afraid
25. Various- Round Black Ghosts

Top EPs of 2008

1. Belong- Colorloss Record
2. Fleet Foxes- Sun Giant EP
3. Factory Floor- Planning Application
4. Oneohtrix Point Never- Ruined Lives
5. Memory Cassette- Rewind While Sleepy
6. One Day As A Lion- One Day As A Lion
7. Kanji Kinetic- Shock Tactics
8. Zomby- Zomby EP
9. Air France- No Way Down
10. Kid606- Die Soundboy Die

Top Singles of 2008

1. Fever Ray-  "If I Had a Heart""
2. Grouper-  "Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping""
3. Nite Jewel-  "Artificial Intelligence""
4. Zomby-  "Spliff Dub (Rustie Mix)""
5. Sun Araw-  "Horse Steppin""
6. Various Production-  "Lost (Actress mix)""
7. Beyonce-  "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)""
8. Max Tundra-  "Will Get Fooled Again""
9. Grace Jones-  "Corporate Cannibal""
10. Cut/Copy-  "Lights and Music""
11. Jamie Foxx ft Kanye West and The-Dream-  "Digital Girl""
12. Portishead-  "Machine Gun""
13. T.I. feat Kanye West and Lil Wayne-  "Swagga Like Us""
14. Joker-  "Snake Eater""
15. DJ Sprinkles-  "Ball'r (Madonna-Free Zone)""
16. Kanye West ft Mr. Hudson-  "Paranoid""
17. M83-  "Kim & Jessie""
18. Darkstar-  "Need You""
19. Friendly Fires ft Au Revoir Simone-  "Paris (Aeroplane mix)""
20. Deerhunter-  "Nothing Ever Happened""
21. Mala-  "Miracles""
22. Black Kids-  "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves Mix)""
23. Kid Cudi vs Crookers-  "Day N Night""
24. Estelle ft Kanye West-  "American Boy""
25. Fleet Foxes-  "White Winter Hymnal""
26. Shackleton-  "Death is Not Final""
27. Yo Majesty-  "Grindin and Shakin""
28. Sigur Ros-  "Gobbledigook""
29. The Advisory Circle-  "Fire, Damp & Air""
30. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti-  "Can't Feel My Eyes""
31. Ratatat-  "Mirando (Animal Collective mix)""
32. Flying Lotus-  "RobertaFlack""
33. Erykah Badu-  "The Healer""
34. Ancient Methods-  "Second Method""
35. Fatima-  "Wildchild""
36. Leila ft Martina Topley Bird-  "Why Should I""
37. Britney Spears-  "Womanizer""
38. Lil Wayne-  "A Milli""
39. Coldplay-  "Viva La Vida""
40. Koushik-  "Bright and Shining""
41. Christina Aguiliera-  "Dynamite""
42. Factory Floor-  "Bipolar""
43. Dabyre feat AG-  "Get Dirty""
44. Trina feat Killer Mike-  "Look Back At Me""
45. Palms-  "Der Koenig""
46. Peverelist-  "Clunk Click Every Trip""
47. Untold-  "Test Signal""
48. Mike Slott-  "Knock Knock""
49. Scuba-  "Twitch (Jamie Vex'd mix)""
50. Santogold-  "Lights Out""

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