Thursday, December 27, 2018

30 Year Vintage: College Collage, Collagen, and Construction- 1988

Top LPs of 1988

1. Sonic Youth- Daydream Nation
2. My Bloody Valentine- Isn't Anything
3. Ministry- The Land of Rape and Honey
4. Public Enemy- It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
5. Spacemen 3- Playing With Fire
6. 808 State- Newbuild
7. Jane's Addiction- Nothing's Shocking
8. Cocteau Twins- Blue Bell Knoll
9. Faust- 71 Minutes Of…
10. Hugo Largo- Drum
11. Stetsasonic- In Full Gear
12. Mr Fingers- Ammnesia
13. Galaxie 500- Today
14. EPMD- Strictly Business
15. Loop - Fade Out
16. Big Daddy Kane - Long Live the Kane
17. Cowboy Junkies- The Trinity Sessions
18. Dog-Faced Hermans- Humans Fly
19. Ultramagnetic MCs- Critical Beatdown
20. The Feelies- Only Life
21. Mudhoney- Superfuzz Bigmuff EP
22. Prince- Lovesexy
23. AR Kane - 69
24. Metallica- …And Justice for All
25. Pailhead- Trait

Top Trax of 1988

1. Public Enemy-  "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos"
2. My Bloody Valentine-  "Lose My Breath"
3. JVC Force-  "Strong Island (The Blue Mix)"
4. Sonic Youth-  "Teenage Riot"
5. Jamie Principle-  "Baby Wants to Ride"
6. NWA-  "Fuck Tha Police"
7. Talking Heads-  "Nothing But Flowers"
8. A Guy Called Gerald-  "Voodoo Ray"
9. Pixies-  "Where is My Mind"
10. De La Soul-  "Potholes on My Lawn"
11. And Also the Trees-  "From the Silver Frost"
12. Young MC-  "Bust a Move"
13. 808 State-  "Flow Coma"
14. Stetsasonic-  "In Full Gear"
15. Inner City-  "Big Fun"
16. Brian Wilson-  "Love and Mercy"
17. Bam Bam-  "Where's Your Child"
18. Living Colour-  "Cult of Personality"
19. EPMD-  "I'm Housin"
20. They Might Be Giants-  "Ana Ng"
21. Q. Lazzarus-  "Goodbye Horses"
22. Siouxsie and the Banshees-  "Peek-A-Boo"
23. Leonard Cohen-  "Everybody Knows"
24. Neneh Cherry-  "Buffalo Stance"
25. Cowboy Junkies-  "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"
26. Hugo Largo-  "Grow Wild"
27. Model 500 -  "Interference"
28. Unique 3-  "The Theme"
29. Prince-  "Alphabet St"
30. Spacemen 3-  "Revolution"
31. Big Daddy Kane-  "Ain't No Half-Steppin"
32. Royal House-  "Can You Party (Club Mix)"
33. Fastbacks-  "Wrong Wrong Wrong"
34. Biz Markie-  "Visions"
35. The  Vaselines-  "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam"
36. Al B Sure-  "Night and Day"
37. The Jesus and Mary Chain-  "Sidewalkin"
38. JJ Fad-  "Blame It on the Muzick"
39. Enya-  "Watermark"
40. Monie Love-  "I Can Do This"
41. Dinosaur Jr-  "Freak Scene"
42. Erasure-  "A Little Respect"
43. REM-  "Orange Crush"
44. The Pogues -  "If I Should Fall from Grace With God"
45. My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult-  "The Devil Does Drugs"
46. Nirvana -  "Big Cheese"
47. 1000 Homo DJs-  "Apathy"
48. Lil Louis-  "The Original Video Clash"
49. Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew-  "Keep Risin To the Top"
50. Laurent X-  "Machines"

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